Mission Main Street Grants


   My name is Koko, founder of KOKOS LLC. I started working as an IT consultant since 1995.

Also, Certified Member of National Guild of Hypnosis.

We are constantly facing a paradigm shift, so we must change our approach to society.

What makes me most excited about my work is the ability to create a new way to approach common ground with mindful people.

At a young age, I attended Myojo Gakuen where I obtained free-thinking and leadership skills. Also, I directed most of the movie, theater and musical performances at school.

Later, I studied Visual Arts and Fashion Design at Setsu Mode Seminar in Tokyo, Japan; worked for an advertising agency as a Fashion Stylist for 10 years–Clients included Shiseido, JAL, Nissei,Otsuka Seiyaku Shincho-Sha Dentsu, Hakuhodo and more…

I managed ‘Diamond Ring’ Rie Miyazawa’s celebrity boutique in Daikanyama, Tokyo. After I moved to United States, I became an independent business consultant for conscious venture enterprises overseas.

At the same time, I practiced sustainable living in Austin, Texas with my family.

Then went onScreen Shot 2015-05-30 at 6.04.58 PM to complete Goddess Training ( International Female Leadership in sustainability and spiritualism) from Professor/Artist/Activist, Mayumi Oda, at Gingerhill Farm Hawaii Island in 2008.   I worked with Mayumi Oda to train young leadership to be a change to this world in Hawaii.

Joined Mission Aloha and trained Ho’o ponopono by my beloved Cultural Educator and Best Friend, Haleaka Iolani Pule.

My work is mainly focused on transforming individuals and small businesses to be effective as individuals and in business.

I strongly believe in the possibility of a big positive shift in society by doing the right thing along with the laws of nature, and educating consumers through businesslike media.

Also, I’m continuing educate my self constantly. Currently I’m practicing Hawaiian Healing at Halau Uhane Lomilomi Lapa’au with Kumu Harry Uhane Jim, trained hypnosis from Dr, Amy Marsh. at Intimate Hypnosis Training Center in Hawaii.

I thank for my Hawaiian Ohana Keli’i ho’omalu’s who thought of me as the caretaker of this planet.

I thank for my Japanese Ohana who thought of me as a change agent.

Mahalo piha

Now is the time is to be renewed, and I am here to guide…

Malama Pono

Koko Kawauchi Johnson


KOKOS Offering Services

  • Strategic planning
  • Team Building
  • Coaching
  • Internet and Media Marketing
  • Social Network Training
  • Website Developing

Successfully transformed KOKOS’s Clients

Mayumi Oda Fine Art : Digital Archive Database Website, e-Shop and Gallery development.


Gingerhill Farm and Retreat Center: System Consulting and Tech Training.


Aloha Keiki 501 (c)(3) (Non profit Organization) : Project Web Development.


Naiad (Natural Cosmetics and Trade) : Consulting, System Development.


SORA Limited. (Natural Cosmetics and Foods) : System Development Researcher and Marketing.


Kayak (Clothing Company) : Customized Database and Distributing System Development, Marketing.




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