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Aloha mai kakou!

Welcome to Pacific Mind Training!

My name is Koko Kawauchi Johnson CH and I am the founder of KOKOS LLC.

In 1995, I started working as a freelance IT business and individual consultant for small businesses. Since humanity is constantly facing important paradigm shifts these days, we ought to re-evaluate our relationship with society.

This work is mainly focused on transforming individuals, businesses and communities to be successful as individuals, in business or as a community.

A certified hypnotist of the ‘National Guild of Hypnosis‘ – the largest Hypnosis association in the world – I was professionally trained in the high skill of hypnosis at the ‘Intimate Hypnosis Training Center‘ by Dr. Amy Marsh on Hawaii Island.

Also a Hawaiian Healing Practitioner, core member of Mission Aloha (founded by Heleaka Iolani Pule), I practice Ho’oponopono for individuals, local and global communities. Currently practicing Shamanic Hawaiian Healing at Halau Uhane Lomilomi Lapaau with Kumu Harry Uhane and Sila Jim in Puna, Hawaii. In addition, I studied and am practicing Hawaiian values, traditional Ohana Life Style, Spiritual Protocols, Blessings, Cleansing and La’au Lapa’au for over six years with the late beloved Kupuna Robert Keli’iho’omalu Sr. in Kaimu-Kalapana, Hawaii. Modern hypnosis was conceived in the 18th century by the Austrian Franz Mesmer, to access one’s inner wisdom and knowledge. The utilization of both hypnotic skills and a deep understanding of the human condition will be utmost beneficial to induce wellness, ranging from the individual to the local and global community.

The Pacific Mind Training is designed to build and maintain

the strength of a peaceful mind to achieve any goals you desire.

Goals of this training include:

  • Confidence (motivation)
  • Clarity (problem solving)
  • Focus and Concentration (organized)
  • Grounding (trust)
  • Centering (stable and Balanced Mind)
  • Relaxation (excellence in performance)
  • Self-esteem (refine and strengthen individual’s identity. Leadership and Positive outcome in group projects)
  • Authenticity (leading to the ultimate goal to achieve the Pacific Mind)

How does it work?

Using techniques of guided and self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion, physical and mind work to stimulate, activate and strengthen the Neuro-Path-Way, that supports an individual’s goal of achievement and parallel also to clear blockages, like having a scattered mind, being in fear, despair, or worry.

Hypnosis uses guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called Trance. Your attention is focused while in this state and anything going on around you is temporarily blocked out, ignored, or irrelevant. In this naturally occurring state, you may focus your attention — with the help of a trained Hypnotist — on specific thoughts or tasks.

The basic course is a six week training program.

  • Training includes: Six weeks of Pacific Mind Training, personal one-on-one training on site in Hilo, video-phone consultation and instructions, custom designed scripts and auto-suggestions for individual needs, as well as custom self-hypnosis CD’s. Follow-up consultation by phone.
  • You will learn the skill of self hypnosis and other beneficial tools like auto-suggestion, EFT, power pose, relaxation techniques to understand your emotions, being joyful and gain sovereignty in your life.
  • Once you learn how to use hypnosis, You can keep working on the issues you wish to change or improve. This skill will be the most valuable gift for your life. The Pacific Mind Training program can help you to achieve your goals.

Any Ho’oponopono session is optional for the individual who would like to use it as a tool of practice. Ho’oponopono is the traditional Hawai’ian way of balancing your thoughts, clearing negative emotions and subsequent reality. This healing technique is very helpful for individuals, families and communities to create healthy communications and understanding – The Art of Aloha.


Hypnosis will help you access your own inner power to reconnect with the “Uhane”, the authentic You that you love to be. Everyone has deep within themselves in their subconscious mind all the wisdom and personal knowledge needed to attain measurable results in the elimination of unwanted behaviors –  releasing negative feelings and possessing self-love.

Other available programs:

Regression and Progression: $250

Healthy Weight Program: $650 – six week program

Relaxation, Self-Hypnosis $150

Quick Fix / Relaxation $65/h

Also, programs are effective to manage

Hypnosis might also be used to help with pain control and to overcome unwanted habits, such as smoking or overeating.

It is considered very helpful for people whose symptoms are severe, but unspecified, or those who need crisis management.

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