Sound and Hypnosis

When our brain wave calm down, our subconscious wake up and start balance our self.

Body knows how to heal it self mentally, physically and spiritually.

Let our self in trance once a day give us many benefits to our life.

I’ve been study sound healing since I had amazing experience of kundalini awaking with the sounds back in 2007.

Since then, scientists discovered mystery of quantum physics.

Now they find the smallest element what made everything on this universe, what they call quark elementary particle.

We are made out of this particle and what this particle actually is a anergy of light.

We looks so solid yet we are nothing but condense of light energy.

Sound waves (vibration) are directly effect our being and the environment surrounding us.

Prayer is vibration resonate from our emotion.

Music and sound ( Chanting and Drums) magnified those energy.

Hypnosis is another way to bridge us to access our inner wisdom by guiding words

It’s a one of most beneficial way of using our brain.

In the state of Hypnosis, we can select and focus on particular area or issue to work on in clear, focus and alert mind.

Get used to being trance will deepen your Hypnosis experience.

Try listening the music made with theta or alpha wave.

It doesn’t require you to sit and concentrate.

Pray as back ground music of your daily life or take time to listening and relax.

Your Body, your cell and your DNA become used to stay in relaxed trance mode, what you can get most of your own potentials.

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